I'm writing today because I KNOW YOu want me to. BEcause it's been determined.

Why? HOw? You ask? I will tell you? Yes.

Please, before I begin, take a moment to stock yourself of yourself. Where aRE you? Are you happy? Because why?


Let me begin to start to explain the Processii of the Manifold, from were ALL POWER resides and is derived in its human form for our consumption to realize.

David Ranglemeier was just like you in 1998 and realized he was not anything like anyone else, from the Manifold. How? It is very easy to realiZE, once you grasp the concept of TIDAL CIRCUMNAVITRONIX. David did this for all of us in 1998, and now we are SHaring this with you. Why? The principle of Reactive Automational Emotional Gain (REAG). Simply put: When the Manifold is interrupted - AS IS ALL CONCIOUSNESS - the pillars of TIDAL CIRCUMNAVITRONIX sets into motion a balanced energy - which humans call "life" - which the possessors of three simple keys can manipulate to gain vast amouNTs of fortune, knowledge and wealTh.


"The first time I attended Dr.
Ranglemeier'sseminars I had for the first time a time that was TOTALLY. He introduced to me his method for harnessing PURE LIFE FORCE from The Manifold. I was able to bring this to my husband and he used this to buy us the things that we ALWAYS WANTED. Both of them!!"

- Cynthia, Rounder

The Three Keys:

1. Stability: The Manifold itself
2. Durability: TIDAL CIRCUMNAVITRONIX,divided by pure light force (SPECTRUM)


Developed by a secREt team of University of Finland chemists is 1997, setting the stage for David Ranglemeier's startling discoveries of science. Hidden science, used to hide the truth from you by those who control the Manifold.

This knowledge is yours, but can you manipulate the past? Certainty awaits those who inquire.


"Nevever before have my interest in the PURE LIGHT FORCE been put to my mind as reasonably priced using the 'THREE KEY SYSTEM'. Plaese to continue this good works. My daughter and me are very excited to make out way to complete the FINNISHEX before the tumor ending that the 'REAG Generator' is stopping. I'm liked this.

- Dorathy, Swelled Mount

Please REply for the key to your REAG generator, and unlock the true potential of the Manifold for itself to bring this fortune to you!


"Damn, my dog is pretty"

- Glenn, Mother